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U Beauty Brand coming to the UK

U Beauty Brand, the famous vegan cosmetics brand is coming to London this October, and in order to celebrate the opening of our first store in the UK, we are organizing a fashion & beauty event that will color this fall.

U Beauty is one of the youngest cosmetics brands in the industry, but the one with the quickest growth. Since we launched in 2014. people have recognized the value of cruelty-free personal care products, and we have awarded their trust with premium quality ever since.

It all started with our founders, Kevin and James Lyon, who started mixing their own products with a new concept in mind – eco-friendly, cruelty-free beauty for everyone. Soon enough, others decided to follow their vision, and they have founded this company that now employs over 10,000 people worldwide. There are over 2000 of our stories in 52 countries all over the world, and wherever we go, we bring out unique kind of beauty infused with love and ethics.

And here’s why millions around the world trust us.

We are committed to bringing beauty to you without harming any living beings, or the environment, and when you buy our products, you can do it with confidence – you’ll never have to look at the ingredients lists, as we make sure that every single one of our products is 100% healthy.

When we say we are environment-friendly, we really mean it. Our products are completely microbead free, we only use natural body scrubs – which means we are not a part of the industry that kills sea life. When there’s palm oil in our products, it is obtained from sustainable sources, we are not cutting down forests or leaving behind barren land. We don’t use musk that is extracted from deer, instead, we use white musk, a synthetic version that smells just the same, but no animal suffered for it.

U Beauty Brand

We focus on community trade instead of getting what we need from big suppliers. What does this mean? Well, basically, we make sure to buy everything we need from small, local producers, hence helping those communities to live more sustainably.

Our packages are biodegradable and fully recyclable, so your beauty products come packed in lovely, guilt-free designed cases, boxes, jars, and bottles. They are also more than 70% of fossil fuel free. We reduce this percentage each year in the hope that one day we can eliminate our use of plastic made from oil completely.

When it comes to our stores, every store runs 100% on renewable or carbon balanced energy. We try to help tackle climate change every way we can. Every time we redesign or refurbish our store, we reduce their environmental footprint, as a global retailer, we believe it is our responsibility to reduce the impact of our stores in order to help reduce overall environmental footprint.

We hope the United Kingdom will love our approach to beauty, our products, and ideas as much as the USA, China, Japan, France, and many others have.

October 7, our first store in the UK will have a grand opening, and we are planning to follow it with a huge ode to beauty – we are organizing a Fashion & Beauty Weekend that will be an annual event.

We already established Fashion & Beauty events in New York, and over 50,000 people from all over the world visited last year. Next to visitors who filled our space, the event has been visited by representatives of most prestigious fashion media such as Lash, Fashion News Live, Le Post and many others, and this year’s event will be followed by Vogue as well, so you know you can expect a fantastic event.

During this weekend, over 30 eco-conscious designers will be presented their fall/winter collections to the London public, and all of their models will be wearing our cosmetics.

There’s also an open invitation for every young designer, makeup artist, and beauty specialist out there, to apply to join our competition “Eco-beauty challenge”. For more info, you can visit our website.

All visitors will get promotional packages from U Beauty.

Hope to see you at the Fashion & Beauty Weekend!

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