Terms of Service

Terms of Service
As of 21th of November 2017

The following terms and conditions govern your access and ability to use the services of GoSuperb (hereinafter referred to as “the company”, “we” or “us”). We reserve the right to alter and amend these terms and conditions as we see fit without providing any form of formal notification. By using the company’s services, you agree to abide by the following terms of service.

GoSuperb is an in-house writing company. As such, all the orders are handled by company employees and are never outsourced to third parties. The company guarantees that the content produced is uniquely created for each individual order and that it is not plagiarized, pre-written, reused or created by any sort of spinning software.


We offer several different payment methods.

The payment for the order is calculated according to GoSuperb’s pricing. It depends on delivery time, amount of work, complexity level, type of service, type of writing, and client’s additional requests. The order should be paid in advance. GoSuperb will only start working on an order after the payment has been provided by the client, cleared, and verified by the company’s financial department.

GoSuperb accepts payments for orders via the following methods:


GoSuperb’s platform for all payments is PayPal, which requires the client to go through PayPal checkout in order to pay for their order.

PayPal payments require a credit/debit card as a backup funding source in your PayPal account.

PayPal payments via credit card are also available to clients who don’t have PayPal accounts. Direct payment via PayPal is not available, and all orders must be created via the GoSuperb website.

With PayPal, GoSuperb receives payments immediately.


GoSuperb accepts Bitcoin payments via CoinGate. Once a client places an order, they will need a working Bitcoin wallet, and they will have a certain time window for completing the payment.

The payment process requires manually selecting and copying the Bitcoin address from the CoinGate GoSuperb invoice to the client’s wallet, choosing the option “Pay with Bitcoin” and scanning the received QR code with a mobile Bitcoin wallet.

Direct Bank Transfer

GoSuperb also offers direct bank transfer as a payment method option.

If a client decides to pay for their order via a direct bank transfer, they need to provide their order ID as payment reference. Only then can GoSuperb match your payment with your order.

Bank details for this payment method:

WebArk Group B.V.

IBAN: NL61ABNA0527712442


Address: Beatrixstraat 30,

6981GN, Doesburg

The Netherlands

Depending on the client’s bank, payments done via this method might need more time to be processed, so it isn’t recommended for urgent orders.

Another option for clients who want to use this payment method but wish to avoid (high) bank fees is using Transferwise.

Banks usually collect transaction fees for direct bank transfer payments. For clients within the eurozone, transaction fees are €0 per transfer. For clients outside of the eurozone and for transfers that are not in accordance with EC criteria, the transaction fee is €9 per transfer.

Additional Transaction Fees for Direct Bank Transfer Payments

For clients within the eurozone* and for transfers in accordance with EC* criteria €0 per transfer
For clients sending foreign currency and/or funds from outside of the eurozone*, and for transfers that are not in  accordance with EC criteria* €9 per transfer

*EC criteria: Transactions whose value is up to €50,000 for funds that are transferred between EU countries in euros using a full and correct IBAN and BIC.

*The eurozone includes all EU member states, as well as Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland.

  • GoSuperb only accepts direct bank transfer payments in euros.
  • GoSuperb does not accept payment via online platforms or credit/debit card brands that are not listed above. GoSuperb does not accept cash payments.
  • GoSuperb is not responsible for any technical or procedural issues that might occur during payment processing by PayPal, eWallets, or the client’s bank.
  • GoSuperb does not charge any transaction fees. However, any transaction fees collected by the client’s chosen payment method have to be covered by the client.

The company delivers all orders in as little time as possible, with varied turnaround times that can range anywhere from 1 to 30 days, unless a specific deadline is set by the client. Urgent orders with specific deadlines are prioritized.

The company cannot guarantee that the first draft of the ordered content will be deemed satisfactory by the client, and as such, the client is responsible for anticipating any additional time that may be required for potential revisions and adjusting the deadline accordingly.

All orders are delivered to the client via email, and the client is required to review and accept the delivered content or make a revision or refund request within 5 business days of receiving said content. Should the client fail to do so without any justifiable reason, the company is not obligated to provide revisions or refunds after the specified period of time.

In the case that the client is not satisfied with the first draft delivered by the writer or team of writers working for GoSuperb, they have a right to an unlimited number of free revisions until their requirements are met. The client has the right to request a revision if:

– The client’s instructions were misinterpreted
– The order doesn’t conform to any part of the provided guidelines
– A portion of the client’s instructions was overlooked
– The client wishes to expand upon the existing text (pending additional funds for the desired added content)

The client is responsible for delivering accurate instructions and clearly outlining the desired content and format of the order. The company is NOT obligated to accept revision requests that are based on points not included in the client’s original instructions.

The client is privy to a refund in the following cases:

Before delivery if:

– The content is not delivered within a reasonable timeframe or we fail to meet the set deadline. This excludes the time spent on client-requested revisions.

After delivery if:

– The content is proven to not be original. (plagiarized or spun by software)
– The content contains grammar mistakes. This excludes mistakes of dubious nature, such as the ones in regards to semantics or ones that are incorrect according to specific regional/international variations of the English language.
– The content contains factual errors. This refund claim applies only to content produced as part of the GoSuperb Writing offer which includes in-depth research, and must be backed by at least two reliable sources that uniformly prove the factual error in question.

In the case that the client is not satisfied with the content they received, the company allows for an unlimited number of revisions until the client’s needs are met. The client not being satisfied with the objective quality of the content for any subjective reason is NOT grounds for a refund. All revision requests will be processed as long as they comply with our revision policy, and as long as they were placed within 14 days of receiving your completed order.

In order to claim the right to a refund, the client must justify any of the aforementioned conditions prior to accepting the content they ordered. The company is not obligated to accept any subsequent refund requests once the client has approved their order.

All of the orders handled by GoSuperb are ghostwritten, unless the content is produced specifically to market or promote the company and its services. All the use and ownership rights are transferred to the client upon their approval of the delivered content. The company retains a copy of each piece of content produced for legal purposes only.

We do not offer our services nor accept payments from the following locations: Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan. GoSuperb reserves the right to terminate accounts that try to place orders from the listed countries without prior warning.


Upon agreeing to pay for the company’s services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to all of our terms and policies listed above.