Cancellation & Refund Policy


Order cancellations are handled according to the following conditions:

– If the client wishes to cancel an order that has not yet been assigned to a writer, they are eligible for a full refund (excluding the transaction fees).
– If the client wishes to cancel an order that has been assigned to a writer, they may be eligible for a 50% refund, depending on how much work has already been done. Note that clients are not eligible for cancellation refunds if the writers have finished the orders.


The client is privy to a refund in the following cases:

Before delivery if:

– The content is not delivered within a reasonable timeframe or we fail to meet the set deadline. This excludes the time spent on client-requested revisions.

After delivery if:

– The content is proven to not be original. (plagiarized or spun by software)
– The content contains grammar mistakes. This excludes mistakes of dubious nature, such as the ones in regards to semantics or ones that are incorrect according to specific regional/international variations of the English language.
– The content contains factual errors. This refund claim applies only to content produced as part of the GoSuperb Writing offer which includes in-depth research, and must be backed by at least two reliable sources that uniformly prove the factual error in question.

In the case that the client is not satisfied with the content they received, the company allows for an unlimited number of revisions until the client’s needs are met. The client not being satisfied with the objective quality of the content for any subjective reason is NOT grounds for a refund. All revision requests will be processed as long as they comply with our revision policy, and as long as they were placed within 14 days of receiving your completed order.

In order to claim the right to a refund, the client must justify any of the aforementioned conditions prior to accepting the content they ordered. The company is not obligated to accept any subsequent refund requests once the client has approved their order.