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Mattress Dance Extravaganza – Sex Toys That Will Spice Things Up

Almost every couple in the world sometimes needs a bit of an extra “oomph” to spice up the sex life. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by employing the help of certain sex toys. After a while, introducing something new can really heat up the atmosphere. Not to mention that most sex toys are very beginner-friendly.

So, If you don’t want to be stuck using the same two positions over and over again, forever, introducing a couple of toys might just be what you need to liven things up a bit. And, believe it or not, more than half of all couples actually use sex toys every once in a while.

Adding a bit more delight to your afternoon is not all that will happen if you start using sex toys. In fact, using vibrators and other toys will help you communicate with your partner better. Studies have found that around half of all couples who started using sex toys communicate more often than before. Whether the conversation is a bout sex or not. And less than a third of couples who don’t use sex toys report similar levels of connection with their partners.

In fact, another study has found that sex toys improve communication even if you don’t actually use them. The simple act of going out and buying a toy will help you communicate better.

Now, when we put boring facts and studies aside, what matters a lot more is that your sex life will become a lot more fun, adventurous, and you and your partner won’t be able to wait for another round.

Why sex toys? Well, a significant number of couples who are trying to spice up their bedroom style do so by exploring new positions. Now imagine trying out an octopus, wheelbarrow or helicopter position with your partner. If you two aren’t very experienced, these experiments can result in a lot more awkwardness than pleasure. So, why not just try out some of the best sex toys money can buy instead?

So, in order to help you get your belly-bumping to new and exciting levels, we have made a list of the best sex toys you can find.

The Vibrator

The Vibrator

We-Vibe 4 Plus

This is probably the single best couple’s vibrator you will ever be able to find. And it has quite a following. Of course, tastes vary, and you might prefer other styles, but this vibrator offers something most others don’t. Not only can you use it to stimulate both
your G-spot and your clitoris, but your partner will also be able to enter you while you’re doing it. We had to test it, and oh boy – it’s really going to rock your world!

It is the perfect toy to pleasure both participants in the mattress dance, and it gets even better. With the newer versions, you can control the toy remotely. You can even download an app to your phone and control the vibrator that way.

And, believe us, sexting will never be the same with the power to sexually please someone from a different timezone (not to mention all the naughty unexpected things you can do).

The Sex Swing

Lux Fetish Door Slam Love Swing

The Sex Swing

This is a completely beginner friendly swing. It weighs next to nothing, it’s super easy to set up, and it is fairly unnoticeable. Also, since it can handle up to 250 pounds, you know it won’t give up on you or your partner.

We love that with a swing like this you can try out a whole bunch of fun positions. You can fold it and hide it wherever you want when guests are coming, and if you’re adventurous, you can take it to a forest with you, or on a vacation. Every hotel room has a doorway that you can use to bump uglies in style.

And, once you get into it, you can always upgrade your sex swing to a full-blown rig. This swing will let you explore your kinky side without having to spend hundreds of dollars and a lot of time trying to assemble the swing frame.

The Butt Plug

Tail Butt Plug

Tail Butt Plug

This might sound a bit kinky, but it will definitely add excitement to your sex life. Believe it or not, wanting to have a tail is a very common thing in the world. And, better yet, having sex with someone who has a tail is a lot of fun. So, why not at least talk to your significant other about the idea. More often than not, they might surprise you. So, if you or your partner are self-proclaiming furries, why not have a little fun and try out a furry
butt plug?

It will take a little bit of practice stretching before you actually start using the plug, but a lot of people find them to be very pleasurable. Whether you go for a bunny, fox or a pony tail, make sure not to go too fast too soon with these toys. Take all precautions and only proceed when you are both comfortable with them.

The Bondage Kit

Fifty Shades Of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit

Ever since the book came out, bondage has been getting more and more popular. So, we definitely feel like we have to mention it in this article. If you want to try something new without too much experimentation, light bondage might be the perfect thing for you. This kit comes with cuffs for your wrists and ankles, a harness and a blindfold. It is incredibly simple to use, which is really important when it comes to bondage. Set the O-ring beneath your mattress and pull the straps onto your bed. And voilà, you have your restraint kit ready.

Give up the control entirely and enjoy sex like never before. And get ready for powerful, legshaking orgasms – just make sure to remember your safe word.

In The End

Well, it’s all up to you and your beloved. We had a lot of fun with these toys, so we honestly recommend giving them a shot. Sex is a wonderful thing, but every once in a while, you can try something new to keep things alive.

Well, it’s all up to you and your beloved. We had a lot of fun with these toys, so we honestly recommend giving them a shot. Sex is a wonderful thing, but every once in a while, you can try something new to keep things alive.

Well, that’s enough from us – hope we gave you enough food for thought and ideas for the

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