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Lamzac Fatboy: Air Lounger

We’ve recently gotten our hands on one of the Fatboy air loungers produced by Lamzac. These air loungers are designed with portability in mind – they are light, easy to transport and to set up. You can simply “scoop” the air to fill them any time you feel like it and voila! You have a comfortable place to sit or lie down wherever you are. When it’s not inflated, it easily fits into the bag that comes with it, and weighs little over 1 kg – so light you’ll hardly notice it’s there!

The Fatboy is capable of supporting the weight of about 200 kg, and is spacious enough for 3 people to sit or for a single person to lie down and relax on it. Its unique design allow you to comfortably sink into it, all while having a place to rest your head and elbows. Frankly, this is the closest you can get to feeling what it’s like lying on a cloud, at least for the time being.

The Fatboy is also much sturdier than it appears at first glance. Initially, it seems like some cheap nylon ready to pop, but the moment you touch it, the truth becomes apparent. The exterior material is very sturdy, unlikely to be damaged or puncured by rocks, roots or any other objects you might set it on outside. Moreover, there is an additional layer of plastic on the inside that makes sure the air stays in the two separate chambers and keeps it safely contained as long as the specified maximum supported weight isn’t surpassed.

Now, the fatboys particular “scoop-the-air” inflation method looks easy on paper, but in practice it may take some running around and experimenting until you can find the proper technique, which may turn some people off. Apart from that, the only other apparent downside to the Fatboy is that it doesn’t prove to be quite comfortable in hot weather. To put it in perspective, you’re filling a plastic bag with hot air and lying on it. The surface can get sticky from perspiration, and the positively one of the nastiest things is the way sweat can accumulate in the split between the two main bodies of the lounger.

In the end, do I recommend Lamzac’s Fatboy Air Lounger? I definitely do! It’s incredibly comfortable and easy to set up, for most people at least. Even if you have trouble inflating it, it’s not that complicated a task to figure out. And as long as you don’t intend to take it anywhere but the beach on a hot summer day, this air lounger is is well worth the money.

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