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Gym4me: 24-Hour Gym in Our Town!

A famous fitness franchise is coming to change how we see exercise, Gym4me will open the doors of their brand new gym on Monday, September 11 at 6 pm, and they have all sorts of surprises for their grand opening.

Fitness franchise Gym4me opened their first gym 7 years ago in Brooklyn and its owner Shonda Bloom never hoped that her concept of 24/7 gyms would become this popular. Now, every big city in America has one, and Shonda decided to take her chain to smaller places next, and the first one on her list is her home town, Springfield.

When people got tired and overwhelmed by gyms that have it all, a sauna, a pool, massages, a bar, a daycare – that is when Gym4me jumped in and made it all simple again. Top of the notch machines, weights professional trainers, modern and well equipped – these gyms are sending a simple message “Made to make you fit”. Next to that, what mostly attracts new members and what helps them keep the old ones, is the low-cost, no-contract model. You come, you workout, you go home. And when you think you don’t want to go to the gym anymore, you don’t have to say you are moving away, you can just be honest, and this no-pressure approach has proven to be preferred among the gym members.

The concept of these gyms is based on the fact that we are all different, and that we all need some assistance in order to achieve our goals. Each member has a personal trainer at their disposal and can use the gym at any given time.

When asked about why she’s so passionate about her gyms and tireless at their promotion, Bloom said: “I believe that everyone should love the way the look and feel, and if they manage to do that, they will not only be healthier, but also happier.

Gym4me already has 267 sites across the US and is described as a new style gym pioneer. Shonda Bloom, who has worked in the fitness industry for more than 8 years before opening her first gym, said that opening gyms in smaller places is her dream and a part of her company’s strategy to open about30 new gyms per year. “We had this site for about a year now, but we had delays with exchanging contracts and dealing with the landlord, but Springfield has been a priority for some time now.”

She said that people who believe they need a gym in their town have already contacted her and that the gym has already attracted around 400 members with its low prices and excellent equipment and conditions. “We don’t have a spa, or a bar, or high fees. We’re here for anyone who wants to come in, break a sweat and leave, and people seem to appreciate the simplicity of it. ”

People often wonder “Well, why do I need a gym?”.

Gyms are not just for those who want to lose weight or those you wish to bulk up. According to doctors, the gym could be your ticket to a healthier you. It has been proven that exercises make you risk of a heart attack smaller, it improves self-esteem, helps you to sleep better, it strengthens your bones, reduces stress and anxiety… In short, regular exercise adds years to your life, and life to your years.

For all those who are interested to improve their quality of life, Gym4me has prepared special opening day packages.

Senior citizens will have 50% off for their first three months, younger members get 30%. But, as always with these gyms, there will be more surprises for anyone who shows up on the opening day. Shonda announced a giveaway of tracksuits, yoga mats, weightlifting gloves and Gym4me t-shirts with every membership.

The owner even announced a celebrity guest, as well as an interesting program for the youngest.

This is a great opportunity for a family trip to the gym – and a good reason for you to start working out!


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