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Genius SW2.1 375 Speakers

The products that we reviewed is a set of speakers manufactured by Genius. It is a 2.1 system – a stereo configuration with a subwoofer, coming with a modest $20-30 price tag, varying slightly based on the distributor.

The speakers are set in solid wooden frames, and the model comes in both natural colored and black-painted variants. The subwoofer acts as the central unit, boasting both the bass and volume controls on the front, as well as an on/off switch and a port for the satellites to be plugged in on the back. The set comes with a total output power of 12W (subwoofer – 6W + satellites -2x3W) and is quite small, the whole set weighing only about 1.5 kg.

Setting up the speaker is as simple as it can get – plug it in the power socket, flip the switch and connect it to wherever device you wish via the standard 3.5m jack, and you’re good to go. After testing the speakers, we have found that they perform admirably in their specified 50Hz-20Hz range, if even a tad better. The bass only becomes inaudible around at 45Hz threshold, and the set provides excellent sound clarity all the way through. While the sound quality is nothing that will blow you away, and the bass isn’t the kind that you’ll feel in your bones, it should be kept in mind that we’re talking about an audio system with a price tag of merely 20 to 30 US dollars. For this price, you are indeed getting excellent quality and undeniably good value for your money.

The only definite downside we could find is the LED light which serves as the power indicator, which is extremely bright and makes it impossible for you to keep the speakers anywhere in your direct line of sight, especially if it is on your computer desk. Other than that, the Genius SW2.1 375 speakers are an excellent choice, regardless of whether you’re looking to simply give your PC the extra kick that comes with a 2.1 system or enjoy your favorite music through an affordable, entry-level sound system.

Official product page: http://us.geniusnet.com/product/sw-21-375

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