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Food@Door Press Release

Our famous online food delivery service is celebrating its 5th anniversary, and it is time we let the festivities begin!

Ever since Food@Door was merely a start-up, we had a vision of a different way of food ordering and delivery. Now, five years have gone by, and we would love to share with you how our system works, what makes it unique, what made us go on, and, of course, what we have prepared for our loyal users instead of a birthday cake!

So, how did we come to life? That’s a great question.

You see, our creators were simply trying to order food, and they were annoyed at how dysfunctional the system was. So, since all three of them are programmers, they have decided to make a better system. They decided to fill a gap – to make an online food delivery service that offered everything they thought people needed – high standards, speedy, modern, simple and reliable service for food ordering and delivery.

What do we do?

You connect the thousands of restaurants and fast foods with hungry users all over California. Every user has a completely personalized experience and a million options. You want to see how the food you’re ordering looks like? No problem, we have pics. You want to personalize our interface? Done. App? You got it. Once you order via our service, you will realize why we’re so different from others. All you have to do is click, and the next thing you know – the food is at your door.

Why are we unique?

From the get-go, we offered a simple interface, with a system through which you can order in less than a minute. You enter your address, we tell you who delivers to it. You filter through the office, for instance – Jamaican, spicy, 4-star reviews or more – and voila, the choice is before you. Plus, unlike other services, we reward our users.

Frequent eater miles

We all love to get something for free, but getting something for free with every purchase is unheard of, right? Wrong.

With our terms (frequent eater miles) you can have an additional free dish every time you order. You earn fems easily – when you order, you get one from every 10 cents you spend, you get 50 fems for every food review you leave after ordering, you get 10 fems for every friend you invite as well as 500 fems for every friend who decides to accept your invite and order via our service.

This is where you ask what are these fems good for?

Every time you order, you can add a dish for fems. Each restaurant has prices in dollars next to their dishes, and under those, you can see that every dish has a fem value. So, you can eat for free every time you order something using our service.

And therein lies our secret

This is why we are on the market for five years already, and still staying strong. We are offering benefits for our users, we pick only the best restaurants in the state for our website, we care about every review, every comment, and suggestion.

That is also why we will be celebrating our birthday for an entire week – to thank all of our users!

First, every one of our users will get 500 frequent eater miles on Monday, when our birthday week begins.

Second, 10% discount on all food from all the restaurants on our web site during the birthday week.

Third, we will organize a family lunch – every registered user will get an invitation to a lunch in their city, and among those invitations, we will hide 100 golden cards that bring special surprises.

Fourth, at the end of the birthday week, three users with most orders will get brand new Food@Door branded iPhones.

Fifth, from Monday to Sunday, $1 from every order will go to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Five gifts for five wonderful years – let’s celebrate properly, with great food at your door!

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