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AMD Graphics Card, Office Chair, iPhone 7 Sillicone Case

AMD Radeon RX 580

The RX is among the latest AMD Radeon graphics cards designed to bring you the optimal high-resolution gaming experience. It comes with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and 256-bit memory bandwidth, making for unprecedented overall memory performance. The GPU base clock is a powerful 1300 MHz, but can easily be pushed above and beyond its limits thanks to Radeon’s latest Chill cooling technology. Not only does this ensure optimal cooling for heavy overclocking sessions, but also optimizes all the GPU processes, resulting in lower power consumption and overall better performance in all respects.

Office Chair

The highly ergonomic design makes this chair the ultimate office comfort. The cushioning is thick and designed in such a way so as to best follow the contours of the human body, and can easily be adjusted for anyone’s hight requirements. Moreover, the solid metal base makes the overall frame heavy enough to ensure that you can freely kick back in the chair without the fear of it tipping over. As for the surface, it is covered only in the highest quality genuine leather that is both durable and allow the skin to breathe. And lastly, the stark contrast between the black and white leather and the metal base makes for an overall pleasant visual design.

iPhone 7 Official Silicone Case

This deceptively simple product represents the perfect blend of functionaliy and aesthetic. It is a protective case made of silicon, designed by Apple specifically for their iPhone 7. Not only does it provides the highest possible degree of protection against impact and blunt force, but it is also stylish to boot – it fits iPhone like a glove, without adding any significant bulk to its frame. On top of that, it also comes in a total of 10 different colors, allowing you to freely choose whichever one best suits your style.

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