This guideline is to inform you as a writer of GoSuperb what you can expect and what the rules are that you have to carefully follow.


This job gives you independence and flexibility. For those who show good communication abilities, provide steady work and meet deadlines, have the opportunity to be given paid positions in other areas of the Abelo network.



In this section, we’ll discuss how, when and how much you’ll get paid as a GoSuperb writer.



For every 100 words of original content that you write, you get $1.00.

For every 100 words that you rewrite, you get $0.75.


The 10% rule

You will not get paid more than 10% on top of the total word count that the writer has ordered. For example, if the writer has ordered a 2000 word article, and you write 2543, you will only get paid for 2200 words.


Bonus Earnings

We work with a bonus system to stimulate our writers to perform well. Once the text that you wrote has been submitted to the client, he or she can request a revision.
– If the client requests no revision, you get 15% of the total payment that the client has made.
– If the client requests 1 revision and then accepts it, you get 5% on top of the total payment that the client has made.
– If the client requests 2 revisions or more, you don’t get any bonus.



There is one instance where do you not get any bonus, and that’s if you did not carry out all the instructions that the client gave. If you missed a request that was clearly written down, accidently or not, you are not eligible for the bonus.

For example, a client writes in the order description that he wants a 2000-word article on the 10 best flower delivery services in Amsterdam that also deliver roses. In the article, he wants you to mention the keyword ‘flower delivery services in Amsterdam’ 5 to 10 times.

Now you will not get a bonus, if you forget to include any of the follow requests:
– 10 flower delivery services in Amsterdam that also deliver roses
– To mention ‘flower delivery services in Amsterdam’ 5 to 10 times.


Weekend Bonus

Working in the weekend is optional, but if you decide to write, you get a 50% bonus. The rates for the weekend are as follows:

For every 100 words of original content that you write, you get $1.20.

For every 100 words that you rewrite, you get $0.90.

You only get the weekend bonus if you have written 2,000 or more words a day during the week.

Getting started


Picking up an order

To start writing for a new order, go to: our Google Docs order Also inform in the GoSuperb Skype group chat or administrator of GoSuperb directly, which order you have picked up.


Which order to pick up first?

You will need to pick up the order that is the oldest and which doesn’t have a name next to it yet. Aside from quality, we also prioritize speed and we want our client to receive his order as soon as possible.

Sometimes there are priority orders, and the administrator might ask you to work on another order first. If you were working on something, you will have to stop working on that assignment and switch to the other order.


Writing and submitting an order

We write all our content in Google Docs, and you will have to do so as well. This ensures thatno data gets lost if your computer were to crash or to turn off unexpectedly.

Once you’ve checked it for Copyscape and Yoast, you will need to send it to the client and add a link to the google docs that you wrote and say that you’ve finished in the excel as well as in Skype.


Font type and size

All content has to be written in Arial. All standard text (so no headings) has to be in size 12.


Testing for plagiarism and quality before you submit

Once you’ve finished the text, it is crucial that you check it for plagiarism and for its SEO quality.


To check it for plagiarism, go to and copy-paste the text that you wrote and it will show you whether or not you copied text from any sources. It has to be 100% copyscape passed.

Ask us for the login details to our premium account if you haven’t already. We do not want to publish it here.


To check for SEO quality, go here:

Copy paste all of the text in the text area, and indicate the keyword if provided by the client. Sometimes the title of the article is the keyword that the client is targeting.

These are all the metrics that have to be green if there is no keyword:
– Wordcount.
– The Fleisch test
– Transition words. More than 30%.
– Passive voice. Not more than 10%.
– Paragraph length.
– 20-word sentences – less than 25%.
– Sentence length variation.


These are all the metrics that have to be green if there is a keyword:
– All of the above.
– The keyword appearing in the first paragraph of the copy.
– The keyword density.


WARNING: Not following the yoast or copyscape rule, increases your chances of being removed from the GoSuperb team. So please don’t forget it.


Output per day

You are required to write a minimum of 2,000 words a day. As this might be difficult right away, we’re more flexible with beginning writers.


When are you expected to deliver

You’re required to pick up a new order in the morning unless you’re working on a bulk order, and if it is less than 2500 words, you need to finish it at that same in the evening before 22.00.


If a client requests a revision

If a client requests a revision, you need to work on it right away regardless of the time and date.


How to get paid

We pay every 2 weeks on a Monday. Either through Paypal or Bitcoin. We use the PayPal conversion rate from dollar to euro. All of our writers from Serbia are using PayPal. If you do not know how to set it up, one of your colleagues will assist you.


Keeping track of your writing

In an excel, you need to keep track of your own writing in the following format:

– The order number
– Title of the order
– Link to the order in GoSuperb
– Date of the order
– Total wordcount
– Money earned
– Commission
– Total


Taking days off

If you want to take days off, tell us 2 weeks in advance so we can plan in advance and not have it affect the GoSuperb operation. Note down in the GoSuperb Calendar the days that you are not available for work and the days that you will take off for vacation/holiday.